Winter Vegetables to Grow in India

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    • Nov15,2020
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Winter Vegetables to Grow in India
Winter is just around the corner. And for those with a green thumb, Winter spells fresh and colourful bloom in the garden. Indian Winter is the perfect time to grow a variety of fruits, flowers, and vegetables in your garden. This growing season is also known as the Rabi season. In fact, some crops in India are only grown as Rabi crops. Winter Vegetables to Grow in India are many. While the temperature-controlled man-made Greenhouses have made it easier for us to get all kinds of vegetables throughout the year, there’s something about fresh seasonal produce. And when it comes to growing your own vegetables, there’s no denying the fact that garden to table vegetables are not just fresh, but also valuable and healthy. Also, the vegetables you grow are chemical-free and organic. If you don’t have a proper garden space, you can also use pots to grow your vegetables. Create your own terrace farm. Also, growing vegetables in a pot is a convenient option for many. It makes it easier to care for your plants. The soil in your garden space might not be healthy enough to grow vegetables. Whether growing in a garden or pots choose your pick wisely. For winter gardening, most of us start planting in Autumn so that it gets ready to harvest by winter. However, if you have not grown the seedlings yet, there are plants that you can grow in winter and harvest in a few months. To make things easier for you we have prepared a list of winter vegetables that you can grow in your home garden.

Winter vegetables to grow in India

  • Capsicum- Popularly known as Shimla Mirch, capsicum is one of the most popular vegetables in India. It is very versatile and is used in Chinese, Indian, Italian, and all other dishes. They turn every meal into flavourful, spicy, and healthy. Caring for your capsicum plants is easy. You can grow them from the seeds of the capsicum you already bought from the market. They will thrive well in containers or pots, water them when the topsoil feels dry, and fertilise once a month.
  • Tomato- Tomatoes are the easiest plant to grow in winter. Beautiful as well as delicious, tomatoes are both the ideal potted plant and one of the most loved vegetables. Tomatoes are something we can’t do without in our Indian dishes. However, these plants require a little extra care in the initial period. Otherwise, they will not produce tomatoes. Cherry tomato is something you ought to have in your garden. You can use the raw tomatoes to make salads or pickles and use the ripe ones in curries. Tomatoes need lots of sunlight to grow. They also require regular watering. Once they start bearing tomatoes, they won’t require much attention.
  • Carrots- We are listing winter vegetables, and carrots have to make it to the list. It’s the most popular and delicious vegetable. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A making it one of the most nutritious vegetables. What makes carrot the most popular choice is it requires very little space to grow. The soil should be deep enough for proper growth of the carrots. You can easily grow 8-10 carrots in one container.
  • Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Cabbage- These are shallow-rooted vegetables making them perfect to grow in containers and pots. They grow only in winter. These plants require full sunlight to grow. Nothing can be compared to the joy you feel after you see little heads sprouting on top of these plants. These are the healthiest vegetables for your food plate.
  • Beans- There are several varieties of beans you can grow in the garden as well as in pots. They are an excellent choice to grow in the winter season. You can extract the seeds from the beans and plant them in your garden. Beans require support to grow, so you have to build a wooden mesh to help climb your plants. Beans require fertilizers rich in nitrogen.
Taking care of your plants might take a toll on you. You have to give them the nutrition they require to produce the fresh veggies, make sure they are not infected. One of the most common problems while growing vegetables is they attract insects. Stunted growth, crinkled yellow leaves, leaf spots are common signs indicating infected plants. Veer manufactured by Nivshakti Bioenergy is a herbal extract for controlling all kinds of viral and bacterial diseases. It is a perfect solution to cure your vegetable plants. Nivshakti Bioenergy Pvt Ltd is one of the best organic fertilizer and fungicide manufacturers in India. We are the prime input manufactures and suppliers of Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Insecticides, Bio-Fertilizers, and Bio-Fungicides. All our products are organically certified from NFI certification, UK. Our formulations are consistently tested by organizations of international repute like SGS India Pvt Ltd, and NABL accredited labs. Since 2003 we have been trying to provide all agricultural and gardening solutions. For more gardening products, reach out to us, or visit our website shaktibiotech

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