Profitable Fruits that You can grow in India

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    • Nov11,2020
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Some of the Profitable Fruits that you can grow in India are- Apples. Mangoes, Bananas, Litchi, papaya, avocados and grapes.


  Farmer. What comes to our minds when we think of this word? A picture of a dhoti clad, sweaty man knee-deep in a submerged paddy field, right? Although this image is not entirely untrue, there are several other kinds of farmers as well. The most prominent among them is the fruit farmer. What are some of the Profitable Fruits that you can grow in India?   Fruit farming is a significant sector in the Horticulture department because it is financially profitable. Unlike vegetables, fruits are much more costly because of their high demand. Nowadays, a lot of people from other professional sectors who are interested in farming take-up fruit farming because of its high profitability.   For a fruit farmer to earn a profit out of farming, he must be smart in choosing the right fruit for the right soil and climate. Unlike vegetables which are grown throughout the year, fruits grow only if the season is on. And hence, there is a fruit for every season.   Some of the most common fruits grown in India are mangoes, papaya, grapes, apple, bananas, avocados, litchi, and so on. India is the largest producer of fruits in the world. It is known as the fruit basket of the world. If you are a potential farmer, here is a list of the most profitable fruits that you can grow in India.  


  Banana is a fruit that is inherently Indian. It is economical, easy to eat, and tasty as well. It is one of the family-friendly fruits grown in India. In India, Bananas can be grown on a variety of different soils like the clay soil, alluvial soil, and even black loam as well. The various types of bananas grown in India are Rasthali, Karpuravalli, Nendran, Red Banana, and such. Since India is an exporter of Bananas to many foreign countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, the cultivation of bananas will be a fruitful business.  


  After fruits like orange, banana, and grapes, Apple is the fourth most widely produced fruit in India. Hence, going for apples is a sensible choice if a person is considering commercial farming. Apples are grown in almost any kind of soil. In India, apples are grown mostly in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. The season for apple cultivation in India is in January and February. Since there is a high demand for apples in India and other countries as well, Apple farming is the right choice.  


  Mango is the leading fruit to be considered for farming by fruit farmers across India. It is called the king of fruits. Its taste, flavour, and low maintenance cost makes it a favourite of most fruit farmers in India. Each stage of the mango fruit is usable and saleable. The raw mango is used for making pickles whereas the ripe ones are used for juices, syrups, and direct consumption as well. The mango season starts in May, June, and July. Even though mangoes have comparatively lower shelf lives, they are saleable to a variety of customers.  


  Fruit farmers may consider the cultivation of strawberries as a side venture. Unused lands, however small they may be, can be used for the cultivation of strawberries. Because of its small size and its vertical plantation methods, strawberry farming is pursued intensively in any fruit farms across India. But because of their short shelf life, strawberries are not suitable for exportation. They are sold domestically. Strawberries cultivation occurs in the hills. In India, they are farmed mainly in Nainital, Dehradun, Kashmir, and Bangalore.  


  Even though coconuts are one of the most widely known fruits in India, it is not an easy thing to cultivate. It takes years of taking care, the right kind of soil, excessive use of water, and climate to cultivate coconut farms. However, once grown coconuts are the most useful for the fruit farmers. From its copra to its bark, every byproduct of the coconut is saleable in the market. The oil derived from the coconut is called the ‘mother of all oils’ because of its extensive use. Coconut trees are tropical trees that require high rainfall distributed throughout the year. Kerala is the largest contributor to the coconut market.  

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