Nivshakti Bioenergy: Delivering Innovative Agri-Solutions for a Greener ‘Poison Free’ World

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    • Nov19,2020
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Industry experts and economists claim that agriculture’s share in Indian economy has progressively declined. However, it still directly or indirectly occupies nearly 50% of the country’s workforce and contributes towards nearly 17% of Gross Domestic Product.

Looking at the present global scenario and how population is growing, and rising income in various cities of the country will consequently result in a higher demand for food.

However, a point to be noted here is that the radical technological changes, innovations, discoveries, and societal upheavals of the present century has left marks on food as well. Therefore, it has fallen upon the agriculture sector to develop new ways to meet the increasing demand and produce more products in terms of both, better quality, and quantity.

So, what does this situation call for? It demands precise agri-solution providers for site-specific crop management. These solutions should integrate real-time data from sensors, farm equipment, weather stations, farm performance record and give accurate analysis and plausible solution to the problem.

This way the agri-solution providers can help farmers in making strategic decisions including starting from investment in farmland, crop rotation, soil repair, using fertilizers to even water management.

Recognizing this opportunity at the earliest and entering the agriculture market with a new approach, Nivshakti Bioenergy started its journey intending to improve crop yield and farm productivity.

The experts at Nivshakti Bioenergy mitigate risks and implement targeted crop management programs. “Our focus is to provide comprehensive solution to farmers”, quotes Sandeep Jalan, Managing Director of the company.

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