Best Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer in India- Nivshakti Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd.

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    • May14,2020
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Best Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer in India
Organic fertilizers are the most natural form of fertilizers used in farms. It could be prepared manually with the help of compost and crop residues. It can also be derived from manure(animal excreta), human excreta and dead organic wastes. Other sources are meat processing, peat, slurry and guano. Maximum fertilizers used till now are artificial made up from harmful chemicals like phosphates, nitrogen and ammonia. This leads to aggravated condition of the soil and farm after an initial boom. The best organic fertilizer manufacturer in India-NivShakti Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. has eradicated the use of harmful fertilizers by replacing them with their own effective organic fertilizers.


  Nivshakti bioenergy is the leading brand working since 2003 for the betterment and upgradation of the environment by supplying organic fertilizers continuously in the market. The fundamental aim of this label is commitment in quality and customer satisfaction. The different sources of fertilizers produce different qualities too. Many sources of these fertilizers are mined. Animal sources include those animals who reared for milk and meat products. The by-products like horns, feathers,bone,hides and hoof can be employed to use in these organic fertilizers. One of the most important of all is the chicken litter which provides the soil with great aeration. This domain puts a great stress on pleasing the customer. In this era of competitive rat-race, nivshakti bioenergy goes a step ahead in assuring the customer’s satisfaction and lead.

Are Chemical fertilizers okay?

  This best organic fertilizers manufacturer in India has a solo motive of making this world a poison free place to live in. Many a times, the farmers opt for chemical fertilizers in the hopes of making their crops grow resilient and hence with greater output. But they don’t realize that in the long run, they are actually compromising with the quality of the soil and doing a major harm to the environment. Chemical fertilizers are generally NPK fertilizers, that is, it is made up of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It includes endless examples like sodium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, calcium ammonium nitrate, super phosphate of lime, urea, calcium cyanamide and calcium nitrate.? The constant use of these fertilizers imbalances the alkaline ph of the soil and makes it acidic. It also destroys all the useful microorganisms which are required for various natural processes like nitrogen fixation. These fertilizers can seep deep into the soil and pollute the underground water resources and hence causing harm to the health of the people who drink it. Also, instead of improving the quality of soil, it sometimes decreases it by eradicating the vitamin and mineral content of the soil. Excess sudden release of nitrogen by these chemical fertilizers leads to increased susceptibility to infection. One such example is mosaic disease of plants. The run-off from such chemical enriched soil can also cause severe damage to the nearby lake or any water body. It leads to a process called eutrophication. This is due to increased nitrogen enrichment of the water body which further leads to a dynamic growth of algae and microorganisms. It has a direct relation with the oxygen content of that water body. An increased growth of these organisms requires increased demand of oxygen and hence oxygen depletion which affects the aquatic fauna. Another environmental malady is increased emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide which provides an impetus to already increasing global warming. This domain understands the deep implications of the utilisation of chemical fertilizers on the environment and hence works for its eradication. The major drawback that this company is facing is the prejudiced thinking of the farmers against biotechnological products. The farmers also try to find an easy way out and opt for chemical fertilizers. It is because chemical fertilizers provide the plants with nutrients very quickly. These fertilizers also have the exact right amount of nutrients and vitamins so as to benefit the plants to the maximum extent. But they fail to realise that it is only transitory and the cons will eventually outweigh the pros.

Choose Nivshakti Bioenergy

  Shakti biotech manufactures various organic products and plant growth hormones. It is located in north eastern India and are primary producers of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-insecticides and bio-fungicides. They also deal with a plethora of plant growth hormones. These are naturally occurring growth hormones which can be prepared or extracted from other sources too. It has many advantages like plant growth and expansion, stem growth, cell division, plant organ formation, ripening and rotting of plants or fruits. This company deals with agricultural enzymes and products based on microbial cultures which are manufactured from solid state fermentation technology and botanical formulations. They have a certain range of micro-nutrients as well. All these factors make this company one of the best organic fertilizers manufacturers in India. It is flourishing business amongst the farmers of the coming age.

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