9 Home Garden Tips for Beginners

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    • Nov04,2020
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With this blog, we are going to relieve you off some stress and steer you in the right direction with our 9 home garden tips for the beginners.
You remember, as kids when you used to visit your grandparents, you would always find them near their beloved plants and gardens and they would take you for strolls and give you the grown ripe fruit which they have grown and it would taste heavenly. They would show you a unique flower which you didn’t know existed until that moment or they would ask you to plant one small plant and the next time when you would come to visit it will be all grown and bearing its produce.   Those were the days to be cherished, with our busy lives we forgot what it feels like to grow a plant or eat something cultivated by your own self. But opportunely, this quarantine period unleashed some clandestine talents of the population. While some experimented with cooking and baking others got time for their beloved art of gardening. While the term may seem quite simple but it’s exactly the opposite. Taking care of plants is like taking care of a baby, you have to nurture it from the seed till it’s all grown and capable of withstanding without extra care. If you are new to this endeavour then you might find it overwhelming at the start. With this blog, we are going to relieve you off some stress and steer you in the right direction with our 9 home garden tips for the beginners.        
  • Seasonal Plants– For a beginner, it is advisable to choose the plant according to the environmental conditions, adaptability and longevity. When you start gardening you wish to see the plant grow and bear its yield so the best way to ensure is to select a suitable plant.
  • Information-Research about the plant you have chosen to grow. You have to be thorough with its needs, requirements and conditions for its proper growth.
  • Tools-Get the right tools. The size of the garden doesn’t matter but the right tools for cultivation definitely have an impact on the growth. Make sure you use the appropriate and good quality tools for your garden.
  • Soil-The soil to be used should be full of nutrients like potassium, sulfur and phosphorous. Prepare manure or compost peat for your plants and mix them with the soil at regular intervals. This keeps the nutrition intact and prevents from wilting.
  • Sunlight and shade-Store your plant where you get sunlight for at least 5 hours a day. The sunlight is a vital component in your plant’s growth but keeps in check the heat emitted by it. If the climate is hot and dry, prepare a shade for your plant to protect it from the intense heat. Also, keep in mind that the containers or pots used have small holes at the bottom for allowing the soil to breathe and stay aerated.
  • Watering-Do not over water. Water your plants in the morning then check the soil first the next time you are going to water it. Overwatering can lead to rotting.
  • Weeding and Snipping– Check your pot regularly and weed out those extra plants growing all over the place and absorbing the nutrients and snip off those dry twigs, leaves and branches to promote healthy growth.
  • Diseases- Bugs and pests are attracted towards plants no matter how much you prevent them so it is better to have some organic fertilizers and pesticides handy to prevent your plant from decay.
  • Protection– If you are living on higher floors of your building it is better to surround your plant by fences and mulch. The fence will protect it from the birds that pick on your plant for their nest needs and mulch will help to retain water for a long duration of time which will prevent rotting.
    The process of gardening is fun and at the end of it, you feel happy and proud. Do not get disheartened if you do not succeed at first, no one starts out as a master gardener. Gardening is a gradual learning process, so stick with it, and be appreciative of your improvements season by season. Do not forget to try our different varieties and combinations, keep experimenting and trying new techniques or methodology. These were the 9 Home Garden Tips for Beginners to give them an idea about gardening. Nivshakti bioenergy Pvt. Ltd caters to all your agricultural needs. We are one of the best organic fertilizer manufacturers in India. We believe in customer satisfaction by providing them with a high-class quality with consistent efforts and development. We strive to deliver impeccable service even after the sale of our product as our customers are our priority.   We are primary producers of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-insecticides and bio-fungicides. We also deal with a plethora of plant growth hormones, agricultural enzymes and products based on microbial cultures which are manufactured from solid-state fermentation technology and botanical formulations.   To authenticate your trust in our brand, we have acquired various certifications. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Certified Company and also a Crisil Rated Company. We are GHP, GLP, GMP certified from NFI Certification, UK. We are certified by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).  All the products of our brand are organically certified from NFI Certification, UK.   We also feel proud to be the member of ICCOA (International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture), UPASI, TRA (Tocklai Research Association), BPIA (Bio-pesticide Industry Alliance), CHEMEXIL, IMO (Institute for Market Ecology, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), AIMO (All India Manufacturers Organization), FTS (Friends of Tribal Society).

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