Bacteria and Virus diseases in plants may affect stems, leaves, roots, or carried internally without external symptoms. They can cause a variety of damages whose symptoms includes cankers, leaf spots, overgrowths, scabs, wilts, and others. These symptoms can be extremely noticeable and recognized.

Mode of Action:

VV-Guard is Multipurpose Enzyme which protects plants from Bacteria and Virus. It is capable of breaking the chemical bonds of the outer cell wall of the bacteria and virus. Bacteria and Virus outer cell wall contain a layer of peptidoglycan, and this layer is the particular site was VV-Guard targets. The peptidoglycan layer contains alternating molecules called N-acetyl glucosamine and N-acetylmuramic acid. The link between the N-acetyl glucosamine and N-acetylmuramic acid is cleaved by VV-Guard. Once this chain is broken, it results in killing bacteria and stop the growth of the virus.

Benefits of VV-Guard:

1. VV-Guard stops the growth of Virus and Bacteria.

2. VV-Guard kills the Virus and Bacteria.

3. VV-Guard protects crops from viral disease.

4. VV-Guard works as preventive as well as curative.

5. VV-Guard 100% Toxic free product.

6. VV-Guard does not cultivate resistance

7. VV-Guard does not leave any residues or odour.

8. VV-Guard increases resistant power in plants against Viral Diseases.

Active Ingredients: Various Plant Alkaloid

Recommended Crops: All types of crops.

Dosage: {1 gm VV-Guard (Powder) + 50ml Vv-Guard (Liquid)}/per acre

Packing Available: 50 gms