Manufactured by the best fungicide manufacturers in India – Nivshakti Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd, Veer is a Herbal Extract for Controlling all kinds of Viral & Bacterial Diseases. The viral disease is becoming a major problem for Indian Cultivators, especially for crops like papaya, all kinds of melons and vegetables. The disease it seems is incurable till today. Infected plants may show a range of symptoms depending on the disease but often there is leaf yellowing (either of the whole leaf or in a pattern of stripes or blotches), leaf distortion (e.g. curling) and/or other growth distortions (e.g. stunting of the whole plant, abnormalities in flower or fruit formation). We keeping the traditions of unique products, proud to introduce VEER which can cure the viral disease in all the above-mentioned crops.

Mode of Application:

1. It needs to be sprayed twice within a span of 4-5 days.

2. The application should be in the early morning or late evening hours.

3. ASAR is recommended to add along with VEER to increase the efficacy and working mechanism to get the desired results.

4. It is recommended to use sticker along with it to increase the efficacy.

5. A minimum of 6 – 8 hours rain-free period is required.


1. Virus free new shoots.

2. It stops the transfer of Virus from one plant to another.

3. Improvement in leaves.

4. Increase in quantity and quality of the yield.

5. It increases the Chlorophyll content.

6. It can be used both as a prophylactic and curative spray.

7. Being systemic in nature it translocates freely in the plant system.

Recommended Crops: All types of crops.

Dosage: Veer 2 ml/Ltr | Asar: 2 ml/Ltr

Packing Available (Veer): 30 ml, 90 ml, 1 Ltr

Packing Available (Asar) : 30 ml, 90 ml, 1 Ltr