New Generation Vedic Formulation of Better Future

Ved Shakti is unique botanical extracts of cloves, Annona squamosa, Red Chilli, Sophora alopecuroides, Tulsi & Neem. It is formulated with the nanotechnology which can kill the pest in a single application. It can kill the pests those have to build the resistance against certain chemical pesticides.

Target Pest: For Loopers, Caterpillars & other Lepidopteron Pests.

Mode of Action :

1) It penetrates the outer layer of insects, paralyzes and kills the pests.

2) when swallowed it creates ulcer in the mouth of the pests. As a result, they cannot feed thus die of starvation.

3) It has a remarkable translaminar action by which it controls the pest presence on the lower surface of the leaves.

4) It disturbs the life cycle of the pest by affecting the central nervous system.

5) It acts as a strong antifeedant which inhibits mating and stops the multiplication of the pests.


1. Direct knock effect. Anti-feeding and anti-moulting activities.

2. It is target specific and promotes the growth of natural predators and parasites.

3. Do not leave any residue or taint in the end product.

4. Pest can not develop resistance against it.

5. Protects crops from the pest for the long term and reduce the usage of chemical pesticides.

6. It doesn’t kill natural predators or parasite.

7. It is compatible with all conventional pesticides.

8. Eco-friendly and economic and dynamic in action.”

Dosage: 50ml/acre or 125 ml/ha Packing Available: 100ml 250 ml, 500 ml; 1 ltr; 5 ltr.