Based on Nano Technology, The Booster is a unique bio-formulation. This provides all Macro (NPK, Co, Mg, S) nutrients in easily available form and Micro (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn etc.) nutrients in natural Nano form.


1. It makes the roots healthy and strong. Strong roots absorb more nutrients & water and make the plant healthy & vigorous.

2. It contains natural PGR like Auxins, Cytokinins Indoles and Hormones. Auxins enhance early bud break and increase shelf-life of plants by delaying senescence, cytokinins promote vigorous growth by rapidly speeding up cell division. Indole compounds help the development of plant roots & buds.

3. It enhances photosynthesis by increasing chlorophyll content of leaves and improves foliage, flower and fruit appearance.

4. It resists the infection of sucking pests by disrupting their fertilization and mating. It increases tolerance to many plant disease due to healthy root and shoots system.

Time of Application: After Establishment of plant, before flowering & after fruit set. Target Crop: Plantation crops, Agricultural, Horticultural, Medicinal Plants, etc. Dosage: 1 gm in 15-20 ml water / 10 gm in 200 ml water per acre / 25 gm/ha Packing Available: 1 gm; 10 gm