Teazyme: Pectinase Enzyme for improving quality of made Tea

Teazyme is a Pectinase enzyme formulation which has been specifically developed for its usage during tea manufacturing. The Pectinase enzyme formulation is derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger it is manufactured following the strict Good Manufacturing Procedures & Quality systems.


1. Improved and even appearance of made tea.

2. Improved liquor character i.e. brightness, strength & colour.

3. Improved infusion of tea leaf.

4. Improved briskness & overall quality of liquor.

5. Faster infusion as well as increased cuppage.


1. For CTC Tea: Add 150 ml of Teazyme to 10-20 ltr. of water (approximately) for 1000 kg. of green leaves or approximately 700 kg of withered leaves.

2. For Orthodox Tea: Add 125 ml of Teazyme to 5-6 ltr of water (approximately) for 1000 kg of green leaves or approximately 700 kg of withered leaves. Add the same solution at the rolling table.

3. For Reprocess Tea: Add 150 ml of teazyme in 180 to 200 lt of water (Approximately) the same solution should now be mixed in 200 kg of the tea to be reprocessed. The solution should be mixed thoroughly & evenly. It should be mentioned here that if the tea used for reprocessing is very old then the dosage of Teazyme should be increased by 25 to 150 ml for better results.

Packing Available: 1 ltr; 5 ltr.