STOP GOLD is a bio dynamic formulation derived from selected, activated, potentiatad botanical extracts of Adhatoda Vasika, Cardiospermum Halicacabum & Embelia Ribes that enhances the self defense mechanism in the plants. It enables the plant to control & prevent many fungal, bacterial & algal diseases.

TARGET ORGANISMS : Black Rots, Fusarium Wilt, Blights, Rust etc


It acts as a Bio catalyst, which activates, energies root function to extract silica from the soil as required by the plant. Silica gives structural stability to the plant, hardens the cell walls of roots, stems, barks & leaves so that fungal mycelia can’t penetrate the plant. It strengthens the tissue and helps to build a bark that resists penetration by fungal pathogens. Apart from organic control of fungal pathogens, STOP GOLD also improves crop both in quality and quantity.


1. STOP GOLD controls all types of Fungal diseases.

2. Unlike copper based products it doesn’t retard the growth of plants.

3. Improves bush health & increases the Yield.

4. It recovers the bush very fast.

5. It imparts resistance against various diseases.

6. Dose not leave any taint or residue on end products.


15 ml/15 Ltrs of Water

Packing Available: 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 Ltr and 5 ltr