Speed – (Herbal composition to decompose waste materials)

Speed is a combination of herbal extracts which provides energy to those microorganisms which are helpful in degrading the organic waste and forming humus out of it. Maintain the moisture as per requirement for the survival of favouring microorganisms. As a result, the reproduction of such microorganisms are accelerated and in turn the rate of decomposition is enhanced.

Speed creates a condition so that efficient exchange between oxygen, carbon dioxide and gases like methane is maintained. The bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms received sufficient energy so that they work at their maximum optimum efficiency. A favourable atmosphere is created for the better growth of bacteria, fungi, and earthworms. In turn, the composting takes place at a faster rate i.e in 21to 35 days.


1. There is no bad smell or the problem of maggots and flies. The system is easily applicable for the handling of the organic waste either in small scale like 0.5 kg per day or on large scale like 200 tons per day. The system saves input costs on land, time, labour and energy.

2. It works beautifully on either homogenous waste like cow dung or on heterogeneous waste like city waste. It also can handle problematic wastes like a solid waste of paper mill, sugar factory, fruit, pruning litter and vegetable processing units, etc.

Dosage: 100 ml in 2.4 Ltr of water and then 400 ml of the same in 100 Ltr of water for one ton of waste material.

Packing: Available in 100 ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr packs