Silicone Shakti is a superior Sticker, Spreader and Adjuvant (Surfactant) developed to improve the Wetting, Spreading and Penetration of Chemicals.


1. It can increase the adhesion or stickiness of sprayed particles.

2. It can reduce the evaporation of the particles.

3. It can provide a water-proof coating.

4. It’s a multifunctional spray adjuvant attributed with the following properties.

5. Low surface tension (for better surface coverage).

6. Low water solubility (to resist rain wash off)


1. Compatible with all pesticides, fungicides & herbicide

2. Improves the rate of penetration to leaves.

3. Doses of pesticides can be reduced up to 50% when Silicone Shakti is used

4. It’s an excellent Sticker, Activator & Spreader

5. It is non-residual, eco-friendly & economic


Pesticides: 30 ml / 200 l of water

Acaricides & Herbicides: 50 ml / 200 l of water

Packing Available: Not Yet Decided