Rescue is the most modern botanical composition. This is enriched with extracts of locally available herbs (alkaloids) & fatty acids. It kills mites by direct contact and disturbs the life cycle by anti oviposition & feeding deterrence.

Indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides may render the tea unsuitable for consumption & trade due to residual effect, increases the cost of pest management by developing resistance in the pests. The botanical formulation is free from these problems & are safest, economic & eco-friendly.

Target Pests: Red Spider Mite; Scarlet Mite; Aphids; Jessids; Yellow Mite


1. Rescue is an ideal formulation when all types of chemicals have failed to control.

2. Rescue gives prolonged control against all Mites.

3. The efficacy of Rescue is not affected by high temperature.

4. Natural predators & parasites are safe against Rescue.

5. Rescue is compatible with other chemical pesticides but not with foliar nutrients & copper fungicides.


For Tea:  0.65 ml / ltr. of H2O; 250 ml / ha

For Vegetables:  0.6 ml / ltr. of H2O;  120 ml / acre

For Coffee, Mango and other Orchards:  0.7 ml / ltr. of H2O;  140 ml / acre

Packing Available: 100ml 250 ml, 500 ml; 1 ltr; 5 ltr.