A Micronutrient Supplement.

Plants need the right combination of nutrients to live, grow and reproduce. When plants suffer from malnutrition, they show symptoms of being unhealthy. Too little or too much of any one nutrient can cause problems.

1. Zinc (Zn) : Deficiency : Upper leaves will show interveinal chlorosis with an eventual whiting of the affected leaves. Leaves may be small and dis­torted with a rosette form.

Excess : An Fe deficiency will develop

2. Sulphur (S) : Deficiency : A general overall light green color of the entire plant with the older leaves being light green to yellow in color as the deficiency intensifies.

Excess : A premature senescence of leaves may occur.

3. Boron (B) : Deficiency : Abnormal development of the growing points (meristematic tis­sue) with the apical growing points eventually becoming stunted and dying. Rowers and fruits will abort. For some grain and fruit crops, yield and quality is significantly reduced.

Excess : Leaf tips and margins will turn brown and die.

Power Zinc is a unique grade that contains three main micronutrients (Zinc – 12%, Sulphur – 6% & Boron – 6 %). It is perfect for growing almost all crops on soils with low labile sulphur, boron and zinc. It provides balanced local nutrition of plants.

TARGET PEST : Red Spider, Mites Eggs, Yellow Mites etc.


• Zinc is the nutrient that causes the plant to produce I.A.A (hormone).

• Protein Synthesis

• Hormonal Activities

• Chlorophyll Formation

• Sugar Metabolism

• Enzyme Activity

• Rapid uptake of Nitrogen fertilizer.

• Formation of Plant Hormones

• Seed Development

• Nitrogen Metabolism

• Water – relation

• Auxin Metabolism

• Nodulation

• Synthesis of oils.

• Structural characteristics of protoplasm.

• Maintain pH level.

• Maintain overall growth and protection of plants

Time of Application :

After Establishment of plant, before flowering & after fruit setting.

Packing Available : 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 Ltr and 5 ltr