It Controls Helopeltis, Thrips, Red Spider Mites, Green Fly, White Fly, Fruit Fly etc.

Agriculture provides food for humans, directly and indirectly. As the world population is increasing, it is necessary to use modern technologies such as bio and nanotechnologies in agricultural sciences. Nanotechnology has been defined as relating to materials, systems and processes which operate at a scale of 100 nm or less. Insects are the most diverse species of animals living on earth. Helopeltis, Thrips, Jassids and White Fly are being a voracious feeder of young leaves and damage plants very fast. In addition to this Fruit Flies nowadays are convenient feeders for a variety of Fruits, Vegetables and Animals. It has become endemic to may planters, Store Keepers etc, where they thrive throughout the year.

Nanocon is an organic pesticide manufactured in India. It is a combination of several herbs with Microbes and Plant Alkaloids based on Nanotechnology that has excellent antifeedant & deterrent action to keep the area free from infestation if applied properly and on time.

Target Pest: Helopeltis, Thrips, Jassids, White Fly, Fruit Fly etc.

Active Ingredients are derived mainly from the following:

Microbials (Lyophilized ) CFU – 2 x 10 12/gm

Plant Alkaloids in Nano Form.

Mode of Action:

1) It penetrates the outer layer of insects, paralyze and kills the pests.

2) It has a remarkable translaminar action by which it controls the pests present on the lower surface of the leaves where thrips and whitefly are present.

3) It disturbs the life cycle of pest by affecting the central nervous system.

Recommended Crops: It can be applied with all types of Crops, Vegetables and Fruit Storages etc

Advantages :

1) Direct knock effect, anti-feeding and anti moulting activity.

2) It is target specific and Promotes the growth of natural predators & parasites.

3) Do not leave any residue or taint in the end product.

4) Pest can not develop resistance against it.

5) Protects crops from pests throughout the year and reduce the usage of chemical pesticides.

6) It does not kill natural predators or parasite.

7) It is compatible with all conventional pesticides.

8) Eco-friendly, Economic and dynamic in action.

Dosage: 7 gm/acre or 17 gm/ha

Available Packets: 1.5 gm & 7 gms