It is a complete food for plants. MICRO GOLD is formulated by using four microbes (1. Azotobacter chroococcum 2. Phosphobacteria (followed by Phosphate solubilising microorganism (PSM) and Bacillus megaterium) 3. Frateuria aurantia. 4. Thiobacillus ferrooxidance ) with world latest Lyophilisation Technique which also known as freeze-drying.

It is a process used for preserving biological materials by removing the water from the microbes, which involves first freezing the microbes and then drying it under a vacuum at very low temperature.

Azotobacter Chroococcum

1. It plays an important role in binding atmospheric nitrogen, which is inaccessible to the plants and releases it in the form of Ammonia ions into the soil.

2. Phosphobacteria – It solubilises the Phosphate present in the soil and makes it available to the plants.

3. Frateuria aurantia: – It has the ability to mobilize elementary or mixture of Potassium, which can be easily absorbed by the plant. The mobilizing power is so high that it can save up to 50-60% of Chemical Potassium Fertilizer.

4. Thiobacillus ferrooxidance: It is an obligately aerobic, chemoautotrophic organism that generates its energy and reducing power, for CO2 fixation from the oxidation of inorganic iron and reduced sulfur compounds in the soil. Its unique metabolic characteristic is it can survive in high pH. Its basic function is to reduce heavy metal present in the soil.


1. They provide NPK to the plants in a situation where chemical fertilizer failed to do so.

2. It suppresses the effect of Chemical Fertilizers, and the dosage of N, P & K could be reduced to the extent of 40-50%.

3. Improve soil properties and sustain soil fertility.

4. Improves yield, quality of products and imparts resistance against pests and diseases.

5. Products processed in aseptic conditions.

6. It increases the shelf-life of the product.

7. It can be stored in room temperature.

8. It reduces weight & volume, ideal for shipping.

9. Eco-friendly, Effective and Economic and does not leave any residues.

10. It also imparts the following qualities to the produce: Earliness, Succulence, Brix Level


Soil : 10 gm/acre; Foliar : 10 gm/ha

Packing Available : 10 gms