It is used to Control All Fungus and Diseases. MICRO CLEAN is formulated by using four microbes (1. Trichoderma viride, 2. Trichoderma harzianum, 3. Pseudomonas fluorescens, 4. Bacillus subtilis) with world latest Lyophilisation Technique which also known as freeze-drying.

It is a process used for preserving biological materials by removing the water from the microbes, which involves first freezing the microbes and then drying it under a vacuum at very low temperature.

1. Trichoderma viride & Trichoderma harzianum: It’s a bio controlling agent and is used extensively for soil-borne diseases. It Controls diseases like Bacterial Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Root Rot, Damping-Off, Rhizoctonia Blight etc. It helps to increase deep roots, thereby increasing the plant’s ability to resist DROUGHT. It plays an important role in the bioremediation of soil that is contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. They have the ability to degrade a wide range of chemicals.

2. Pseudomonas fluorescens: It controls root & stem rots caused by Sclerotinia and Rhizoctonia, wilting caused by Fusarium, Erwinia, damping off caused by Pythium, blights/leaf spots caused by Alternaria, Ascochyta, Cercospora, Macrophomina, Myrothecium & Ramularia, downy mildew, powdery mildew and Fungal diseases.

3. Bacillus subtilis: It colonizes maximum space and absorbs maximum nutrients available at the target site and thereby controls the pathogens by starving them for food and competing for space – Domino effect. It secretes certain antagonistic secondary metabolites which have an antifungal effect that pathogens and kill the disease-causing organism.


1. Controls Poria branch canker & other root diseases.

2. Helps in early bud break in pruned bushes.

3. Protects crops from all types of soil-borne diseases.

4. Helps in vigorous root growth.

5. Protects crops from diseases throughout.

6. It is target specific and does not destroy beneficial organisms.

7. It can be stored in room temperature.

8. It reduces weight & volume, ideal for shipping.

9. Eco-friendly, Effective and Economic and does not leave any residues.

10. It also imparts the following qualities to the produce: Earliness, Succulence, Brix Level

Dosage: Soil- 10 gm/ha | Foliar- 10 gm/ha

Packing Available: 10 gms