An excellent combination of multi-nutrients and plant growth hormones.

Khushali based on nano-technology, it is a unique bio-formulation of sugarcane (microbial) extracts. Based on carbohydrates. It makes the root healthy and strong. Strong roots absorb more nutrients and water and make the plant healthy and vigorous.


1. It helps in developing starch in the bush.

2. It increases the protein level in the plants.

3. It acts as a booster for early bud-break.

4. Enhances early growth, helps in developing new leaves and branches.

5. Provides high density of shoot & root in a unit area & results in high yield.

6. Increases inner growth and vigour of the plant.

7. Increases the shelf life of the produce.

8. Induces stress tolerance against biotic & abiotic factors.

9. Improves photosynthesis which results in higher yields.

10. It is bio-degradable & does not leave any residue.

Time of Application: Before pruning inter flush dormancy and in stress condition.

Dosage: 12.5 gm/ha for growth and 10gm/ha for starch reserve.

Packing Available: 5 gm