A unique combination of Herbal Extracts to control Helopeltis (TMB).

The Tea Mosquito Bug (TMB) or Helopeltis is a major sucking pest of tea . The nymphs and adults of the TMB suck the sap from tender leaves, buds and young shoots, which results in heavy crop losses. The damage to tea plants caused by the TMB is not limited to the sucking of plant materials and extra-oral digestion by salivation. Damage is also caused by the insertion of eggs into plant tissues during oviposition.

Helocon is a novel combination of various specialized herbs, that resist and sustain the Tea Bushes against “Helopeltis”. Tea Mosquito bug (Helopeltis theivora) has been a dreaded and destructive polyphagous sucking-pest of Tea in North East India affecting more than 80% of the area under tea plantation Helopeltis attack is severe during May-September causing substantial loss of yield to the extent of 60%. If not controlled they can cause a total loss of crop.


1. It resists, controls and repels the infestation of Helopeltis.

2. It kills the pest if they suck the sap to a large quantity.

3. Pest cannot develop resistance against it, due to its multistatic action.

4. Does not disturb the natural biological pest control mechanism.

5. Does not leave any residue or taint in the end-product.

6. Eco-friendly, economic and fantastic in efficacy.


150 ml/drum

Packing Available: 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 Ltr and 5 ltr