Atmospheric Nitrogen Absorbent and Organic Growth Booster

Nitrogen is the most vital nutrient element required in agriculture & plantations. It plays a very important & fundamental role in plant metabolism being an essential constituent of CHLOROPHYLL, AMINO ACIDS etc. It encourages the growth & development of tissues & improves their quality.

Plants absorb nitrogen through two mechanisms called mass-flow / convention of diffusion. The absorption of Nitrogen by plants does not depend only on the quantum of Nitrogen in the soil, moreover, a high accumulation of Nitrate is also toxic to the plants.

Tea is rather poor in its uptake and use of Nitrogen which is only 29% of the applied form. It is, therefore, imperative that the rate of nitrate must increase without causing any increase in its concentration in the Tea soil.

If we look into the natural forestation of the world, where no nitrogenous fertilizer is required, plants remain healthy by their heritage of Self-nourishment maintaining the cycle.

Hariyali Plus is modified and integrated with a combination of certain botanical extracts. By foliar application it activates the plant mechanism to retain nitrogen efficiently with proper assimilation. Prolonged use of Hariyali Plus may assure the reduction in chemical nitrogen fertilization.

Target Crop: Plantation crops, Agricultural, Horticultural, Medicinal Plants, etc.


1. Constant growth for more lucking rounds.

2. Shortens the bhanji spell.

3. Increased number of plucking points.

4. Suppress the pest attack.

5. Faster recovery of the bush after pest damage.

6. No residue or adverse effect on the quality of the end product.

7. Compatible with pesticide/acaricide.

Dosage: 0.25 ml / l Or 50 ml / drum

Packing Available: 100 ml; 250 ml; 1 ltr; 5 ltr.