Everwell is a synergized blend of hydrogen peroxide with silver ions, stabilized for use as a multi-purpose, highly effective sanitizer for use in various applications found in food, pharma, biotechnology centre, labs and hospitals for disinfection of air and surface by the method of fogging, fumigation and surface wiping.


Function of Silver Ions

1. OLIGODYNAMIC FUNCTION: Silver ions show an oligo-dynamic effect or a toxic effect on bacterial cells even in relatively low concentrations. Silver ions denature enzymes of the target cell or organism by binding to reactive groups, resulting in their precipitation and inactivation. Silver inactivates enzymes by reacting with the thiol groups to form silver sulfides.

2. STABILIZER FUNCTION: Hydrogen Peroxide is not stable which means that it decomposes to oxygen and water. To solve this problem silver is added to hydrogen peroxide as a stabilizer. This stabilizer prevents the slow decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide. The Ag++ ions keep O– ions. 3. ACTIVATOR FUNCTION: The silver performs as an activator. The singularity of this silver activator is that it only activates the peroxide when it is exposed to bio-foulants. In contact with microbials the silver loses its stabilizing function and activates to release nascent oxygen to oxidize the exposed microbes. When all bacteria has been oxidized by the generated active oxygen compounds, the silver once again acts as a stabilizer for the remaining and non-reacted oxygen.


Dosage and application

1. FOGGING AND FUMIGATION (Operation Theatre, Research Lab, Critical Area, etc) Make a 5 ml dilution of Everwell with 1000 ml water and aerosol it with a fogging machine

Fogging and fumigation can be carried out in various other areas to prevent airborne diseases and infections such as Covid-19, Legionellosis, swine flu, influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia, anthrax, pox, measles, etc.

2. SURFACE DISINFECTION (Table, Floor, Wall, Floor, etc.) Everwell should be diluted in an 11% v/v solution with water and applied on any critical surface and left for 45mins. The surfaces that are compatible are aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic tile, EPDM, polyethylene, polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE, PET, beechwood, neoprene, laminate, silicone, glass, polyurethane, paper, AHU filter, curtain, and carpet fabric.

3. MEDICAL INSTRUMENT AND EQUIPMENT STERILIZATION (Operation Utensils, Medical Equipments, Endoscopes) Medical instruments can be disinfected by two methods:- a) Dip method: Make an 11% v/v solution with Water and dip the instrument for a contact time of 45mins b) Spray method: Make an 11% v/v solution with Water and spray on the instrument thoroughly and leave for a contact time of 45-60mins.  

4. INFECTION MANAGEMENT (disposable instruments, syringes, blood bags etc) An 11% v/v Everwell solution in water can be used for the disinfection of surgical instruments, syringes, catheters, blood bags, and gloves for the prevention of nosocomial infections and routine before disposal. The article should be dipped inside the solution for at least 30 mins before disposing of them.



1. Cold sterilant (does not require heat for disinfection).

2. Effective over a large range of micro-organisms at very low concentration.

3. Eco-friendly, Biodegradable.

4. Non-tainting and non-staining products.

5. Non-carcinogenic (unlike formalin).

6. Does not emit harmful fumes (unlike chlorine, bromine, formalin, and aldehydes).

7. No-rinse required Silver ions give added benefit as bacteria-stat and non-mutagenic.

8. Completely organic.

9. Does not leave a toxic residue.

10. Does not leave back odor after fumigation.

11. Destroys biofilm Oligodynamic characteristic of silver.