Conscales is a unique biological insecticide based on a selected strain of naturally occurring entomo-pathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae, Beauveria bassiana, Verticillium lecanii, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus & Aspergillus niger that infects and kills Scales.


a) It penetrates the outer hard/wax layer of insects and kills the pest lying beneath, which no other chemicals can do.

b) The microscopic conidial spores of the fungus are slimy and attached to the cuticle of the insect, Hyphae from the germinating spores are produced that penetrate the insect integument and destroy the internal contents of insects.”


1. It controls the pest satisfactorily by one or two application.

2. It reaches the pest where no other chemical can reach.

3. It does not leave any harmful residue in the field.

4. It is target specific, eco-friendly and does not harm the natural predators or parasites.

5. It helps in suppressing other pests like Helopeltis, Red Spider etc.


1. Drench the target areas properly.

2. The affected plants should thoroughly sprayed to get the desired result.

3. It should be sprayed in mild weather conditions free from rains for at least 6 hours

CFU Count: 2 x 1010 cfu/ml

Dosage: 800 ml / ha

Packing Available: 100 ml & 1 Ltr