The Top Agricultural States in India

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    • Sep08,2020
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Top Agricultural States in India
The base of every civilization is agriculture. With the different climate conditions, eating habits, and soil type all around the country, the top agricultural states in India provide the country with useful food crops and cash crops. However, all these crops require a specific climate and soil type to grow and thus, cannot be grown everywhere in the country.

Out of the 28 states in our country, there are a few states that are the top agricultural states in India and have a major contribution to the agriculture sector of the country.
The top agricultural states in India

1. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the highest producing agricultural state. It is the largest producer and supplier of wheat, sugarcane, and other food crops. The state is also the second last producer of pulses such as rice, bajra, barley, etc. Because of the crops produced in Uttar Pradesh, the state plays major agricultural support to the country.

2. West Bengal

The largest producer of Rice, it is because of the state of West Bengal that India is the second-largest producer of Rice, only second to China the largest rice-producing country. The state is also the second-largest producer of tea one of the most used items in every Indian household.

West Bengal is also a leading producer of jute, an important cash crop that is exported to other countries. The moist climate of the state also makes it a producer of crops like sesamum and tobacco.

3. Punjab

The state of Punjab is known for the plane lands and a great irrigation system. Because of the irrigation system, it is one of the producers of crops like rice and paddy. With the third rank in the top agricultural states in India, Punjab is also the third-largest producer of wheat. The state also favors the growth of crops like sugarcane, cotton, and food grains.

4. Haryana

The state of Haryana is neighbors to the paddy producing state of Punjab. It also has a great irrigation system like Punjab thus, supporting the growth of paddy and rice. Together, the two states are called the Granaries of the country for their extensive agriculture. Other crops grown here are sunflower, sugarcane, and wheat. However, the state is the second-largest producer of sunflowers.

5. Madhya Pradesh

The central Indian state ranks fifth among the top agricultural states in India. It is the largest producer of pulses like tur, udad, and soya bean. Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat and maize. The state is popular for the food crops that are meant for domestic use.

6. Chhattisgarh

“The rice bowl of central India”, Chhattisgarh stands sixth in the list. It produces crops such as rice, maize, oilseeds, groundnut, etc. Rice, the staple crop of the state takes about 77% of the total agriculture of the state. The main source of water for irrigation is the rain.

7. Odisha

Odisha plays a major role in the agricultural sector of India. More than 60% of the population is in the farming sector resulting in low per capita income. Climate plays a major role here as a majority of people are dependent on rains for water to feed the crops. The crops grown here include rice, jute, sugarcane, tobacco, rubber, tea, coffee, etc.

8. Andhra Pradesh

About 62 percent of the population of Andhra Pradesh is employed in this sector. The crops grown here are bajra, jowar, small millets, maize, ragi, pulses, castor cotton, and sugarcane. However, out of all the food grains produced in Andhra Pradesh, Rice is about 77% of the total food grains.

9. Telangana

On the 9th Rank, Telangana is developed by its agricultural sector. Its government is also focusing on making Telangana “The seed bowl of the country”. The crops produced in Telangana are rice, mango, sugarcane, and tobacco.

10. Karnataka

The economy of Karnataka is heavily dependent on agriculture. Its topographical features like soil and climate support the agriculture of the state. The Kharif crops are rice, maize, millets, cotton, groundnut, red chilies, sugarcane, soya bean, rice, and turmeric. The Rabi crops are Barley, wheat, sesame, peas, and mustard.

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