Natural Food VS Organic Food

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    • Mar29,2018
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Well, if you think that both “natural food” and “organic food” are the same things, then probably you should do a survey of the food items you are consuming on a daily basis. Natural food is very much different from organic food, in a way that natural food might contain harmful toxins but organic food has zero-percent toxic chemicals. You can find many green bio-products across India, which are completely safe.

Natural foods are defined as minimally processed foods, which do not contain any kind of food additives or any type of hormone, anti-biotic or artificial colors. They come with no guarantee from the government and are often said to be labeled by the manufacturers to dupe customers. There is no aforementioned rules and regulations when it comes to the manufacturing of natural foods and also, there is a subsequent absence of a supervising body.

On the other hand, organic foods come with the assurance of a governing body. Organic food comes with a guarantee and a heavily regulated food system. There is no trace of any kind of toxic chemicals, toxic NPK fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic herbicides in organic foods. Organic farming comes with a lot of norms and regulations. If authorized government officials find any default or use of hazardous chemicals they will immediately terminate the production. Bio-products for agriculture in India started during the early 70’s for the cultivation of organic food. To maintain the quality of the food products, organic producers and processors are subject to rigorous announced and unannounced inspections by government officers or third party-inspectors. The whole process starting from production, handling to processing is done by maintaining the standards set by the government. You will also find that organic labels have legal implications unlike natural food labels, where manufacturers lack adequate guidelines. Additionally, organic food has more shelf life than natural food, meaning organic food can be stored.

In organic food items, only bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides are used, no toxic chemicals are added. They are in fact more effective than chemical fertilizers and pesticides in controlling pests and other harmful pathogens. Not only that, these green bio-products help in accelerating crop growth and maintains the soil condition.

You must be wondering, by this time now, from where you can purchase such excellent bio-products and more importantly from whom? There are many bio effective products in India but only a few are trustworthy. You can get the best agricultural products in India from Nivshakti Bioenergy Pvt Ltd. They produce the best green bio-products which are toxin-free and non-hazardous. Products like Neemakar, Torpedo and many more are effective in controlling pests and increasing crop growth. Contact to know more details.

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