More reasons to eat fruit

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    • Nov16,2020
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More reasons to eat fruit


You can eat them when you are fasting, or just as an evening snack, perhaps if you are a health freak you would like to even eat them at your breakfast, or you can just have them for a change instead of your usual lunch or dinner, can you guess what they are? Ding! Ding! Ding! If your answer was fruits, then you have just hit the jackpot. These vivid coloured, aromatic, and extremely tasteful treats are just your go-to snack full of nutrients and vitamins that improve your health while filling your mouth with sweet sensations. There are just so many reasons why you need to add fruits to your daily diet, and probably you may have received many reasons by your loved ones too. Nevertheless, if you are still unconvinced, here are a few more reasons to eat fruit, and rejuvenate your health and taste buds.

Don’t avoid, just enjoy

  • They are just full of joy: Right off the bat, fruits are just fun to eat. There are just so many possibilities with them. They can be, cut, into fun little pieces like an apple, peeled like a banana, or just squirted like a grape. You can even present them in so many ways, or just put them in a basket and add glamour to your dining table. Moreover, if you hate chewing, just put them in a juicer and let the magic unfold. Just endless fun, and endless possibilities.
  • Healthy and quick: You are about to get late for your office, or school because you woke up late and now you do not have time for breakfast. Just grab an apple or a banana and eat it on the way. Fruits are just quick and easy to eat without much fuss, and they provide you with enough energy to carry on until you have something more to eat.
  • Like a kaleidoscope: Just as a kaleidoscope shows you a variety of different colours every time when you look through it, fruits are also available in just so many different varieties. You can just never get bored with fruits, although if you do get bored eating the same fruits every day, just take a bag and visit the market, you can always find something new to try.
  • They are just convenient: Freeze them, Can them, Dry them, Juice them or just eat them fresh. Whatever your choice may be, fruits offer just the same content in every single manner. All you need to have is craving and fruits can fulfil it in the best way possible. You just cannot have enough with them.
  • Diseases just hate them: They have been, proven scientifically to repel diseases and keep you disease-free. An apple a day, keeps a doctor away is just as true, apple is, known as a super-fruit, high in fibre content, this is a dietician’s favourite recommendation for weight loss. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and avoid diseases such as diabetes. Papaya improves digestion, by helping to break the protein content of various foods. Mangoes are known to help reduce high cholesterol levels and keeping the skin healthy (and did we mention the oh! So many beautiful and tasty varieties of this god-like fruit).
  • They keep your brain sharp: Almost all the fruits contain nutritional contents that are responsible for keeping you healthy and increasing your memorising power. All kinds of berries are known to contain chemicals known as anthocyanins that have been, linked to keeping your brain sharp.
These are just some of the many reasons why you should eat fruits. Fruits are just the best options to go for when you want to keep your health in check and enjoy what you eat. Although some of you might not be so accustomed to eating fruits always, it is important to remember that good things usually take time to happen, but you should always keep trying out new things. From being a fun snack to eat to potentially avoiding diseases such as diabetes and cancer, fruits have just no reason to fall in love with.


With all those above reasons, we are sure that you would have got more reasons why you should eat more fruit. However, in present times, it is very difficult to find fruits that are safe for consumption. With all the adultery and unsafe use of chemicals, you might think to yourself sometimes about growing your own fruits in your own little garden or balconies and do that completely organically. After all organic is the new safe right? Nevertheless, you would have also found yourself in confusion as to where to start. This is exactly where we can assist you. Nivshakti Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd. is an organic fertilizer company where we provide you with the best quality organic products to grow your fruits and vegetables. Nivshakti is one of the Largest Bioenergy Companies in India; we are the prime input suppliers ofBio Organic Insecticides, Bio Organic Fertilizers, Bio Organic Fungicides, and Disinfectant. We also deal in Bio-Organic PGR(Plant Growth Regulators) and Agriculture Enzymes. We promise you quality, commitment, and magnetizing abundance for all our customers and organizations. Now that you have known about the various reasons about why you should eat more fruits, and known about how you can grow your own fruits in your backyard with our help, we hope you lead a healthy and happy life because for us our customers are our gods and to ensure customer satisfaction is our religion. If you still wish to know more about us, Contact us now and let us help you find a solution to any of your queries.

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