Bio Urvara is an excellent derived from a microbe, that facilitates the absorption of available Nitrogen to the plants.

Azotobacter chroococcum – It plays an important role in binding atmospheric nitrogen, which is inaccessible to the plants and releases it in the form of Ammonia ions. into the soil. It can fix a considerable quantity of Nitrogen to the range of 20-40 Kg/Ha


1. They provide Nitrogen to the plants in a situation where chemical fertilizer failed to do so.

2. It suppresses the effect of Chemical Fertilizers.

3. Improve soil properties and sustain soil fertility.

4. Improves yield, quality of products and imparts resistance against pests and diseases.

5. Eco-friendly, Effective and Economic and does not leave any residues.

6. It also imparts the following qualities to the produce: Earliness : Succulence : Brix Level


CFU Count : 2 x 106/gm


Soil application: 5 kg / ha

Foliar application: 3 kg / ha

Nursery: 1 kg / 500 kg (FYM)

Planting Pit: 2 gm / Pit

Packing Available: 100 gm; 1 Kg.