Metarhizium anisopliae: A Biological Weapon for Termite & Other Soil Living Insects

Bio Prasuti will protect the plants from all kinds of soil-living insects

Method of application of Bio Terminator in soil:

A. Keep the soil moist prior to application.

B. Do little forking around the bush.

C. Add the said dose of Bio Terminator Powder or liquid / Liter of water. Use 1000 Ltr. such a solution for 1 Hectare.

D. Drench the bush near the collar zone.

E. In the case of soil, the injector is available to use the same in the middle of every 4 bushes.

F. In case of organic manure is available to add the said dose in 300 Kgs. of O.M. Keep it wet (8-10%) for 72 hrs. in shade. 2 kg molasses can be added. Apply the mixture around the collar region in 1 Acre area.

G. Keep the area moist by occasional irrigation or apply prior to the early part of monsoon rain.

H. Areas of application (i) UP section (ii) LP section (iii) Young Tea – Artificial shade or proper mulching should be done to protect the microbes from direct sun.

Mode of action: Metarhizium can penetrate the body of the insect & kills it by secreting a toxin called “DESTRUXIN”.


1. It controls the pest satisfactorily by single application.

2. It reaches the queen where no other chemical can reach.

3. It does not leave any harmful residue in the field.

4. It is target specific, eco-friendly and does not harm the natural predators or parasites.


CFU Count : 2 x 109/ml


Soil application: 500 ml / ha

Foliar application: 300 ml / ha

Nursery: 100 ml / 500 kg (FYM)

Planting Pit: 0.20 ml / Pit

Packing Available : 250 ml; 1 Ltr.