Azospirillum sp.

Azospirillum is a Gram-negative, microaerophilic, non-fermentative and nitrogen-fixing bacterial genus from the family of Rhodospirillaceae. Azospirillum bacteria can promote plant growth.

Azospirillum sp., one of the best-studied genus of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, are able to colonize hundreds of plant species and improve their growth, development and productivity. Free nitrogen fixation and additive mechanisms related to the ability of Azospirillum sp. to produce phytohormones and other related molecules are proposed for explaining the plant growth promotion effects on inoculated plants, mainly under stress conditions. Under field evaluations, the benefits of Azospirillum sp. inoculation, mostly related with plant attributes defined during early growth, can be related with the increase in the root development enlarging the explored soil volume for nutrients and water acquisition.


1. They provide Nitrogen to the plants in a situation where chemical fertilizer failed to do so.

2. It suppresses the effect of Chemical Fertilizers.

3. Improve soil properties and sustain soil fertility.

4. Improves yield, quality of products and imparts resistance against pests and diseases.

5. Eco-friendly, Effective and Economic and does not leave any residues.

6. It also imparts the following qualities to the produce: Earliness : Succulence : Brix Level


CFU Count : 2 x 109/ml


Soil application: 500 ml / ha

Foliar application: 300 ml / ha

Nursery: 100 ml / 500 kg (FYM)

Planting Pit: 0.20 ml / Pit

Packing Available : 250 ml; 1 Ltr.