Bio Essence is a carrier-based Microbial lnoculants consisting of Rhizobium Bacteria Species which live in Symbiosis with the leguminous crops {Pluses & Oil Seeds) mainly supplement Nitrogen requirement of the plants. It assimilates atmospheric nitrogen and fixes in the root nodule, formed in the roots of leguminous plants. The Rhizobium Bacteria infect the Legume Root and from Root Nodules (also form stem nodules) within which they reduce molecular nitrogen to ammonia which is readily utilized by the plant to produce valuable proteins, vitamins and other nitrogen-containing components. It is useful to pulses, oilseeds, fodder crops, green manures, legume trees etc. One tone Rhizobium inoculants are equivalent to Hundred Tonnes of Nitrogen considering minimum.


1. Fixes atmospheric nitrogen which is a renewable source of energy.

2. Nitrogen fixed is immediately available to the plants.

3. Stimulates growth and produces green colour characteristics of a healthy plant.

4. Improves soil properties and sustains soil fertility.

5. Aids utilization of Potash, Phosphorus and other nutrients.

6. Increases protein percentage.

7. Increase the yield from 10% to 20%.

8. Improves the quality of products and thus fetches a good price.


CFU Count : 2 x 109/ml


Soil application: 500 ml / ha

Foliar application: 300 ml / ha

Nursery: 100 ml / 500 kg (FYM)

Planting Pit: 0.20 ml / Pit

Packing Available : 250 ml; 1 Ltr.