Speed is a combination of herbal extracts which energy which is proved energy to those microorganism which are helpful in degrading the organic waste and forming humus out of it . maintain the noisture as per requirement for the survival of favoring microorganism . As a result the reproduction of such micro Organisms is accelerated and in turn rate of decompositions is enhanced .

Speed creates a condition so that efficient exchanges between oxygen , carbon dioxide and gases like methane is maintained. The bacteria , fungi , and other microorganism receive sufficient energy so that they work at their maximum optimum efficiency. A favorable atmosphere is create for the better growth of bacteria , fungi, and earthworms .In turn the compositions takes place at faster rate i.e. in 21 to 35 days

Advantages :

1.There is no bad smell or the problem of maggots and files.

2.System is easily applicable for handling of the organic waste eighter in small scales like ½ kg /day or oan large scales like 200 tones /day. System saves input cast on land , time labour and energy.