Viral disease is becoming a major problem for Indian farmers, especially for crops like papaya, all kinds of melons and vegetables. The disease, it seems, was incurable, till today.

Nivshakti Bioenergy, keeping with its traditions of unique products, is proud to introduce Shakti Virochek which can cure the viral disease in all the above mentioned crops.

Shakti Virochek cures the viral disease on any crop in eight to ten days.

The dosage of Shakti Virochek is 2 ml/ltr of water and it needs to be sprayed twice within a span of 4-5 days. It is recommended that any available sticker be used along with it.

Around 200 and more trials have conducted all over India and abroad.

The results include virus free new shoots, improvement in leaves and overall improvement and increase in quantity and quality of the yield.