The ultimate weapon to control Looper & Red Spider

Shakti Torpedo is a broad spectrum pest- controller of plant origin. It is composed of various herbs (alkaloids) and extracts of clove oil. Torpedo can give fast & fantastic relief from vulnerable pest attack.

It can kill the pest by contact as well as by stomach poison. This formulation also interferes with the life cycle of the pest and thus gives a prolonged control.

Bioformulation like ‘Shakti Torpedo’ is becoming a viable alternative to chemical pesticides & are gaining ready acceptance among planters, farmers & agriculturists, as these can combat insects as well as fungus & bacteria. It helps in reducing the cost of pest management. These are eco- friendly, economic, target-specific & biodegradable.

Active Ingredients are derived mainly from the following:

1. Pea Flower tree (Sophora alopecuroides)

2. Wild asparagus (Stemona Sessilifolia)

Target Pest: Loopers, Caterpillars, Mites, Aphids, Green Flies, Res Slug


1. Excellent composition for both sucking & chewing pests.

2. It has a three-fold attack on pests contacts, stomach poison & disturbs the life cycle.

3. These are safe for natural Predators & Parasites.

4. Compatible with other insecticides but not with foliar fertilizers, cu-fungicides & PGR.

5. Very effective, fast & economic.

6. Efficacy is not affected by high temperature.

7. Pest cannot easily develop resistance against it due to multistatic action.

8. Does not leave any residue or taint in the end product.


For Tea:  0.5 ml / l of H2O; 200 ml / ha

For Vegetables:  1 ml / l of H2O; 240 ml / ha

For Coffee, Mango and other Orchards:  0.7 ml / l of H2O; 280 ml / ha

Packing Available: 100ml 250 ml, 500 ml; 1 ltr; 5 ltr.