Induces self defence program of The Crop  100% herbal  Very useful for effective fungus control


Balance the energies of Vayu (Respiration), Tej (Metabolism, Photosynthesis), Jal (Sap Flow), etc. using herbal extracts which store these energies.  Plant comes out of stress conditions  Self defense program of plant is stimulated.  Plant starts secreting phenols, phytoalexins. Deposition of silica on various parts of plants.  Disease causing fungal spores do not find comfortable seat on the plant.


Plant does not go into stress after application as it happens in chemical fungicides  Growth of fungus stops immediately  Fungal spores become black indicates that it is dying  Leaves become thick and rough  No stress / shock on plant after application  Growth of plant starts within 36 to 48 hours  Control on fungus for nearly 10-12 days