Shakti falcon is an Eco-Friendly pesticide based on botanical extra of Pongamia Pinnata Shakti falcon has “Karanjin” as an active ingredient and is formulated as 4% Emulsifiable Concentrate (40,000 ppm). Shakti Falcon is non toxic to higher organism like mammals and therefore a safe product to use.

Targets Pests:

All kind of mites viz. red spider Mites ,scarlet Mites ,yellow mites, purple Mites etc.

Armored Scales are very well control by Shakti Falcon.

Sucking insect like Thrips , jassids , Aphids n, Green files and white files etc.

Mode of Actions :

Shakti Falcon Acts as Strong antifeedant the central nervous system of the pest.
Recommended Applications : All kind of Agriculture , horticulture ,plantations and other crops .
Compatibility : Shakti falcon is compatible with all conventional pesticides.