Introduction : Shakti BM is a biological fertilizer based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring beneficial eubacteria Bacillus megaterium (NCIM 2087 , ATCC 10778 ) . Bacillus megaterium is a gram positive , rod shaped , endospore forming bacteria. It is used as an effective soil inoculant. Sahkti BM contains endospores of Bacillus megaterium. It is formulated as carrier based powder with CFU count of 5 X 10 ^ 7 / g. and as 1*10^8 CFU/ml Liquid. P Sol B®-BM is registered under the Fertilizer Control Order- Govt of India. Sahkti BM is approved for use in Organic Agriculture.

Phosphorus is abundant in several soils and is one of the major nutrients limiting the plant growth. The overall Phosphorus use efficiency following phosphate fertilizer application is low because of the formation of insoluble complexes Therefore this mandates frequent application of soluble forms of inorganic Phosphorus necessary for crop production. This results in leaching to the ground water and results in eutrophication of aquatic systems and pollutes soil. Phosphorus is an important macronutrient which is applied to soil in the form of phosphatic fertilizers. A large portion of this soluble inorganic phosphate applied to the soil as chemical fertilizer is immobilized rapidly and becomes unavailable to plants. Sahkti BM aids in transformation of soil Phosphorus into an assimable form and is therefore an integral part of the soil Phosphorus cycle as they help in releasing Phosphorus from inorganic and organic pools of total soil Phosphorus through solubilization and mineralization.