Shakti Azos is carrier based Microbial inoculant of free living nitrogen fixing BACTERIA viz. Azospirillum with the ability to fix the atmospheric Nitrozen . inoculations of soil or seed with Shakti Azos is effective in increasing yields of crops in well manured soil with high organic matter. It is useful to all crops . the applications of one tones of Shakti Azos is equivalent to forty tones of nitrogen considering minimum fixations of 20kg N/ha from 0.5 kg/ha application dase.

Benefits :

Fix atmospheric nitrogen which is a renewable source of energy . Nitrogen fixed is immediately available to the plant. Improves soil properties and sustains soil fertility. Aids utilization of potash ,phosphorus and other nutrients .Encourages plumpness and succulence of fruits and grains and increases protein percentages . Increase the yield from 105 to 30% . improves the quality of produce and thus fetches good price.

MICROBIAL COUNT : 2*108 CFU/ gm of the carrier.