Secure is a novel combination of various specialized herbs, that resist and sustain the tea bushes against “Helopeltis”. Tea mosquito bus (Helopeltis theivora) has been a dreaded are destructive polyphagous sucking-pest of tea in north east india affecting more then 80% of the area under tea plantation .Besides tea , it also attack cashew, guava, mango, jasminum,micania, acalypha, durranta etc. Helopelties attack is severe during may September causing substantial loss of yield to the extent of 60% .if not controlled they can cause a total loss of crop.


1It resist and repels the infestation of Helopelties.

2. It may kill the pest if they suck the sap to a large quantity.

3.Pest cannot develop resistance against it due to its multistatic action.