Absence of proportionate humic acid in the soil, leads to the necessary of this and other micro-nutrients. Under such circumstances the presence of bio-products to fill in the blanks is more suitable for both plant & environment control. The humic solution adds for the percentage of humic acid in the soil in the process acting as a growth stimulant & a catalyst for healthy growing.

Real Earth is an anti-transparent that serves as an osmoticum, conserves moisture and maintains turgidity. The humic solution also facilitates high and low pH’s that allow nutrient uptake in less than optimum conditions. Serves the dual purpose of being applicable in co-existence with commercial formulations as well as independently. The solution is application in three modes; Soil, Foliar & Seed Treatment ; this is to guarantee the total and all around application.

• Increases the water holding capacity of soil. Helps in retaining water-soluble inorganic fertilizers releases them as needed.
• Helps plants resist drought and produces better crops in reduced water conditions.
• It breaks up unproductive clay soils turning them into profitable soils.
• Helps to prevent soil leaching.