Real Earth is a unique composition of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Micronutrients

Real Earth is a rich source of humic & related acids for plants & soils. It acts as a growth stimulant by chelating major & minor nutrients. It also acts as a catalyst & buffer against the harsh condition in the soils. Soil application enhances the growth & development of roots. The foliar application encourages & maintain a better C/N ratio in the plant & maintain turgidity. Ultimately it improves yield potential in stress condition.

Real Earth is necessary for:

• Rehabilitation spray after mite attack

• Young tea

• Nursery

• Plantation pits

• Saline soil, lime soil, hard soil

• Sandy soil with low organic (humus) content

• Alkaline soil with low iron content



1. Increases buffering property of soil.

2. Decomposes rocks increase mineral availability

3. Increases N, P, K and other nutrients availability by 20%

4. Forms chelates with micronutrients and release them as and when required by the plant. Hence nutrients will not be a limiting factor with regard to yield and quality.


1. Improves soil structure

2. Reduces soil salinity

3. Makes soil porous

4. Regulates water

5. Reduces soil erosion


1. Stimulates microbial growth, increases microflora population

2. Decomposition of organic matter increases

3. Stimulates plant enzyme

4. Stimulates root growth and mass

5. Increases permeability of plant cell membrane thereby promoting nutrients uptake.



(i) In soils:

1. Increases the water holding capacity & buffering properties of soil.

2. Helps in retaining water-soluble inorganic fertilizers and releases them as needed.

3. Reduces soil erosion.

4. Helps plants to resist drought by working as an osmoticum.

5. Enhances Microbial activity.

6. Improves physical, chemical & biological properties of soils.

(ii) In plants:

Increases the protein and mineral contents of crops, producing thicker, greener and healthier crops.

Enhances root respiration, root elongation & development of root hairs.

Conserves moisture in root & shoot to maintain turgidity.

Target Crop: Plantation crops, Agricultural, Horticultural, Medicinal Plants, etc.


Soil Application: 2 / 2.5 ltr / ha (to apply at collar region to encourage new foliage)

Foliar Application: 250 ml / ha (for improving bush health) / 400 ml / ha (for drought management when there is foliage)

Young tea & nursery: 500 ml / 500 ltr water (for drenching bushes in one Acre)

Planting Pit: 1 ltr / 500 ltr water (for spraying in the pit in one Acre)

Packing Available:

100 ml; 250 ml; 1 ltr; 5 ltr.