NUTRII BORO: (20% Boron) Excellent Boron Supplement for plants

Among all micronutrients, B (Boron) is the second most widespread and economically important micronutrient. The deficiency of Boron leads to several disorders, nutrient imbalances and ultimately crop loss.

Major functions of Boron:

The main functions of boron relate to cell wall strength and development, cell division, fruit and seed development, sugar transport, and hormone development, a role for B in membrane function and stimulation or inhibition of specific metabolic pathway.

Boron Uptake:

Boron reaches roots mainly by mass flow and is absorbed as boric acid (H3BO3), which is uncharged. Boron uptake is a passive (non-metabolic) process. It moves with water in plant’s tissues and accumulates in the leaves.

Target Crop : Plantation crops, Agricultural, Horticultural, Medicinal Plants, etc.

Recommendation: Nutrii Boro can be applied through foliar spray but it is much more effective through soil application.

Dosage: 1 gm/ l of water (400 gm/ ha)

Packing Available: 100 gm; 1 Kg.