NUTRII BORO: (20% Boron) Excellent Boron Supplement for plants

Among all micronutrients, B (Boron) is the second most widespread and economically important micronutrient. The deficiency of Boron leads to several disorders, nutrient imbalances and ultimately crop loss.

Major functions of Boron:

The main functions of boron relate to cell wall strength and development, cell division, fruit and seed development, sugar transport, and hormone development, a role for B in membrane function and stimulation or inhibition of specific metabolic pathway.

Boron Uptake:

Boron reaches roots mainly by mass flow and is absorbed as boric acid (H3BO3), which is unchanged. Boron uptake is a passive (non-metabolic) process. It moves with water in the plant’s tissues and accumulates in the leaves.

NUTRII BORO: Soluble Borate is a concentrated powder containing 20% of Boron. It is very ideal for use alone in the water, when added to water immediately is converted to boric acid- the best form of B to be absorbed through leaves. It enhances the growth of crops like tea, coffee, maize, tomato, ginger, cabbage, grapes, banana etc. Nutrii Boro helps in recovery of tea after Helopeltis damage and its application is the fastest way to correct the deficiency along with LOIAL (Chelated Zinc 12%).

Target Crop : Plantation crops, Agricultural, Horticultural, Medicinal Plants, etc.

Recommendation: Nutrii Boro can be applied through foliar spray but it is much more effective through soil application.

Dosage: 1 gm/ l of water (400 gm/ ha)

Packing Available: 100 gm; 1 Kg.