Magic Shakti is a dependable spray adjuvant that has the ability to greatly influence the performance of pesticide materials by working through means of both physical & chemical processes.

Its predominantly, paraffinic structure, further enhances, absorbing, emulsifying dispersing, spreading, sticking, wetting & penetrating properties of pesticides.

As a non-ionic surfactant:

(i) It can increase the adhesion or stickiness of spray particles.

(ii) It can reduce the evaporation of the particles.

(iii) It can provide a water-proof coating.


It is a multifunctional spray adjuvant attributed with the following properties:

A. Low volatility (for leaf adherence & minimal drift)

B.Low surface tension (for better surface coverage)

C. Low water solubility (to resist rain wash off)


Advantages :

1. It is non-ionic & organic in nature.

2. Compatible with all pesticides, fungicides & herbicides.

3. It is an excellent sticker, activator & spreader.

4. Improves the rate of penetration to leaves.

5. It has very low phytotoxicity.

6. Condition the spray volume.

7. Effective even in a very low dose.

8. Doses of pesticides can be reduced up to 30% when Magic Shakti is used.

9. No hazard for people, animals & other living creatures.

10. It is non-residual, eco-friendly & economic.


Dosage :

For Insecticides, Fungicides & Growth Regulators : 20 ml / 200 ltr

For Herbicides : 40 ml / 200 ltr


Packing Available : 10 ml; 20 ml; 100 ml; 250 ml; 1 ltr; 5 ltr.