LIOAL chelate 12 percent zinc EDAT is the best micronutrient for the tea and other crops .tea is highly susceptible to zinc deficiency.

LOIAL can increase crop by 4 to 10 percent. Foliar feeding of zinc is a universally recommended practice.

LOIAL is the best growth promoter for tea and other crops. No growth regulator is better then combine application in zinc and urea.

LIOAL gives new growth and early flush to your tea crop. zinc is essential to many enzyme system in tea plants and other crops for initiations to many enzyme systems in tea plant and other crops for initiation of growth.

LIOAL provides the best zinc ,100% chelated and can be mixed with all other nutrients without fear of any precipitation.

LOIAL is the most modern and effective way to prevent zinc deficiency and maximize yield.

It is the LAW! LOIAL is required by All crop.