Hariyali is a combination of certain botanical extracts, by foliar application activates the plant mechanism to retain nitrogen efficiently with proper assimilation . Although about 80% of the the earth’s atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, the majority of the plants can’t utilize this form of nitrogen. 
The chief form of nitrogen taken up by the plants is Nitrate. Tea is rather poor in its uptake and use of nitrogen, which is only about 29% of the applied form. Nitrogen fixing organisms have the capacity to fix molecular nitrogen but the absorption by the plants does not depend only on the nitrogen in the soil, moreover high accumulation of nitrate in the soil is also toxic to the Tea.
Another very important to be remembered is that increase of nitrogen above the optimum may cause reduction in dry matter contents and increase in fibre contents and the rate of internodal extension. Hence stem components gain relatively more weight than leaves, and greatly affects the quality of manufactured product.
Shakti Biotech was engaged in doing research for the absorption and utilization of huge natural reserve of molecular atmospheric nitrogen directly by the plants. Hariyali is a modest gift from Shakti Biotech to the world of agriculture to, fulfill our promise to return back the quality of self nourishment of the plant kingdom.
• Increases constant yield, for more plucking rounds.
• Suppress pest attack.
• It does not only increase water volume in plant but it also increases protein, vitamin, fibre etc. Which means yield increases in the end product.
• Improves bush health, increases resistance power of plant Increase number of plucking points.
• Helps in controlling bhanji.
• Improves quality of end product.
• Helps in proper absorption and utilization of nitrogen.
2 ml in 1 L of water, 400 ml in 200 L water (per Drum) use low volume sprayers.