Nutri Golden Tea Special (NGTS), foliar liquid is a micronutrient mixture of Zinc,
Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum & Boron.NGTS is a balanced combination of micronutrients to enhance vigorous growth & imparts excellent quality in tea.

NGTS is acidic in reaction & will buffer spray tank water.NGTS is compatible with other .conventional pesticides & fungicides.NGTS foliar improves the brightness,briskness & total quality of made tea for a marketable gain.NGTS helps to prevent the deficiency of all the essential micronutrients required by tea. NGTS enhances the bushes and produce high percentage of fine leaves (two leaf & bud). NGTS indirectly helps in proper assimilation of soil applied NPK in the bush.

Time of application :
Once prior to each flush, i.e.
(i) 1st flush, (ii) 2nd Flush, (iii) Rain Flush, (iv) Autumn Flush.