FunGuard is a bio dynamic formulation derived from selected, activated, potentiated botanical extract of Adhatoda Vasika ,Cardiospermum Halicacabum & Embelia ribes that enhance the self defence mechanism in the plants . it enables the plants to control & prevent many fungal , bacterial & algal diseases.

Mode of action: It acts a Bio catalyst, which activates ,energies root function to extra silica from the soil as requirement by the plant, harden the cell walls of roots. Stems ,barks & leaves so that fungal mycelia can’t penetrate the plan . it strengthens the tissue and helps to build a bark that resist penetration by fungal pathogens .Apart From control of fungal pathogens .Funguard also improves crop both in quality and quantity.

Targets Pests : FunGuard control all type of plants Diseases i.e., Blister blight , early blight ,grey blight, black rot ,red rust ,rice blast ,Anthracnose , phomopsis Cane ,Cercospora Leaf Spot Etc.

Advantages :

1. FunGuard control all type of diseases.