Bio Cawach a bio pesticide based on botanical extract of Derries Indica.

Bio Cawach has Karanjin an active ingredient and is formulated as 4% Emulsifiable Concentrate (40,000 ppm). Being a botanical extract of Derris Indica, Bio Cawach is non-toxic to higher organisms like mammals and therefore a safe product to use.

Target Pests :

Bio Cawach has Karanjin a an active principle acts as antifeedant and affect the central nervous system of mites and insect pests.

Bio Cawach works as an acaricide (Miticide) and insecticide.

All varieties of mites viz. red spider mites, scarlet mites, yellow mites, purple mites etc are effectively controlled by Bio Cawach.Tough to kill Armoured Scales are very well controlled by Bio Cawach.

Sucking insects like helooeltis, thrips, jassids, aphids and whiteflies are also controlled by Bio Cawach. Recommended Application :