Why Are Green Bio Products Praised So Much?

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    • Apr24,2018
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green bio products

Since the last few years, there has been a growth in the numbers of organic pesticides manufacturers in India. But, why? Both consumers and farmers understand the importance of using green bio products in agriculture. Thus, the farmers are bending towards a more sustainable and holistic way of growing plants and crops. People have also become more health conscious and are embracing natural methods of farming and organic food to stay healthy. Owing to all these reasons, there is much hullabaloo regarding organic farming in the country.

Organic farming was done by grandfathers

Yes, the type of farming done in the earlier days sans any inorganic chemicals is nowadays named as organic farming. But in the earlier times, it was normal not to use any synthetic chemicals to grow crops or to control the pests. It was healthy and never caused any harmful reactions in humans or animals. However, with the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in crops, there are many health hazards that humans are dealing with. Moreover, green bioproducts help in replenishing the soil year after year, which synthetic chemicals don’t do. Thus, the soil is depleted of essential nutrients, and that causes issues in further farming.

So, it is both beneficial for humans as well as the environment to choose organic ways of growing crops. Most organic pesticides manufacturers understand the importance of returning to the old ways of farming, and thus, they are enthusiastic about producing more natural manures as well as pesticides to help the farmers grow organic crops.

How are pesticides harmful?

Pesticides remain stored in the coon and poison the body gradually. It may not be recognizable in the beginning, but slowly it will affect the health of the individual. In fact, synthetic pesticides have the potential to affect the nervous system, endocrine system, as well as the reproductive system of women as well. Pesticides can even get transferred to the child from pregnant or nursing mothers. Thus, you ought to be careful while choosing pesticides for your crops. Always look for organic pesticides manufacturers to buy organic products for your farm.

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