• Jun16

    Dealer – Retailer meet at Robatsgunj (UP)

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    Dealer - Retailer meet at Robatsgunj (UP) at Hotel Surya International on 28th May 2018.          

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  • Jun16

    Discussion on Organic with Jasbir Singh Lakhha

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    Discussion on Organic with Jasbir Singh Lakhha.    

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  • Apr24

    Why Are Green Bio Products Praised So Much?

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    Since the last few years, there has been a growth in the numbers of organic pesticides manufacturers in India. But, why? Both consumers and farmers understand the importance of using green bio products in agriculture. Thus, the farmers are bending towards a more sustainable and holistic way of growing plants and crops. People have also become more health conscious and are embracing natural methods of farming and organic food to stay healthy. Owing to all these reasons, there is much hullabaloo regarding organic farming in the country.

    Organic farming was done by grandfathers

    Yes, the type of farming done in the earlier days sans any inorganic chemicals is nowadays named as organic farming. But in the earlier times, it was normal not to use any synthetic chemicals to grow crops or to control the pests. It was healthy and never caused any harmful reactions in humans or animals. However, with the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in crops, there are many health hazards that humans are dealing with. Moreover, green bioproducts help in replenishing the soil year after year, which synthetic chemicals don’t do. Thus, the soil is depleted of essential nutrients, and that causes issues in further farming.

    So, it is both beneficial for humans as well as the environment to choose organic ways of growing crops. Most organic pesticides manufacturers understand the importance of returning to the old ways of farming, and thus, they are enthusiastic about producing more natural manures as well as pesticides to help the farmers grow organic crops.

    How are pesticides harmful?

    Pesticides remain stored in the coon and poison the body gradually. It may not be recognizable in the beginning, but slowly it will affect the health of the individual. In fact, synthetic pesticides have the potential to affect the nervous system, endocrine system, as well as the reproductive system of women as well. Pesticides can even get transferred to the child from pregnant or nursing mothers. Thus, you ought to be careful while choosing pesticides for your crops. Always look for organic pesticides manufacturers to buy organic products for your farm.

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  • Apr18

    Organic Pesticides Manufacturers Are Farmers’ Best Friends

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    Are you looking for organic pesticides manufacturers? If you are planning to start organic farming, then you must be one of those farmers who is seeing the depletion in the fertility of the soil due to overuse of chemical fertilizers. You could also be a first-timer who knows the benefits of farming using organic pesticides and manures and want to provide healthy food products to the people. Whatever be your reason to start using organic manure on your farm, you have made a very good decision. By doing this, you’d be helping towards the conservation of the environment as well.

    What should be your first step?

    The first and most important part is to choose reputed organic pesticides manufacturer in India. Once you get a list of all the manufacturers, you can research on each one of those and choose the most suitable one. But how will you determine the suitability of organic pesticides manufacturers? The manufacturer should be involved in the manufacturing of the best quality bioproducts. Moreover, the price of the fertilizers should be reasonable. You should also see whether or not the manufacturer you are choosing is capable of supplying the amount of manufacturer you require. In addition to all these, never forget to check whether it is a registered and licensed business. This is because only registered businesses could offer the best quality products at the most reasonable prices and you would not be cheated in any way.

    How would you be helping the environment?

    Leaching of chemicals from the farmlands to the nearest water bodies and also to the groundwater is a serious problem. This does not just deplete the natural capacity of the soil, but also contaminates the water bodies and harms the life forms in those. Thus, the ecological balance is hugely disturbed. The best organic pesticide companies India understands this and they create pesticides which kill selective pests of the crops without causing any harm to the environment. So, while you get a better yield year after year, the environment is also not disturbed.

    So, wait no longer and switch to organic pesticides and manures if you are still not using bioproducts for farming.

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  • Mar31

    Growth of Eco-Friendly Farming and Organic Pesticides Manufacturers

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    What comes to your mind when you hear “organic food”? Of course, the assumption is mostly tastier, healthier, and chemical-free food. However, there are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared before moving further into using bioproducts for agriculture. One of the commonest misconceptions is that the organic crops are not fertilized or taken care of. But organic crops need a lot of care to yield better. Use of natural pesticides in produce helps in the betterment of yield as well as keeps the pests away from damaging the crops.

    With growth, comes a responsibility…

    Yes, there are many farmers who are turning towards the old ways of farming and agriculture. Organic pesticides manufacturers offer their products to these farmers to use in their fields for effective management of pests. Bioproducts are safe for human consumption and do not cause health problems like cancer. So, it can be said that the organic farmers are more responsible towards the health and well-being of both humans as well as the environment.

    Synthetic products in agriculture often cause harm to the environment and the soil. With years of using chemical fertilizers, the soil is depleted of its natural fertility and often it becomes difficult to grow any more crops in the same soil after a certain number of years. So, many farmers are choosing to go organic today.

    There has been a rise of manufacturers too

    With the growing demand for organic products for agriculture, there has been a growth in the number of organic pesticides manufacturers too. That is the reason it often gets difficult to be able to choose one from all the manufacturers who deal with organic products. You must look for a manufacturer who offers the best quality and most effective products at the best prices in the market. You should also check the composition of the manure or the natural fertilizer you are purchasing to make sure that it contains no chemical fertilizers.

    So, the trend today is turning to something that our grandparents called, “food” and after trying so many chemicals and synthetics for so long, we are calling it “organic food”. You must try organic food too because it is tasty, healthy, and safe.

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  • Mar29

    Natural Food VS Organic Food

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    Well, if you think that both “natural food” and “organic food” are the same things, then probably you should do a survey of the food items you are consuming on a daily basis. Natural food is very much different from organic food, in a way that natural food might contain harmful toxins but organic food has zero-percent toxic chemicals. You can find many green bio-products across India, which are completely safe.

    Natural foods are defined as minimally processed foods, which do not contain any kind of food additives or any type of hormone, anti-biotic or artificial colors. They come with no guarantee from the government and are often said to be labeled by the manufacturers to dupe customers. There is no aforementioned rules and regulations when it comes to the manufacturing of natural foods and also, there is a subsequent absence of a supervising body.

    On the other hand, organic foods come with the assurance of a governing body. Organic food comes with a guarantee and a heavily regulated food system. There is no trace of any kind of toxic chemicals, toxic NPK fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic herbicides in organic foods. Organic farming comes with a lot of norms and regulations. If authorized government officials find any default or use of hazardous chemicals they will immediately terminate the production. Bio-products for agriculture in India started during the early 70's for the cultivation of organic food. To maintain the quality of the food products, organic producers and processors are subject to rigorous announced and unannounced inspections by government officers or third party-inspectors. The whole process starting from production, handling to processing is done by maintaining the standards set by the government. You will also find that organic labels have legal implications unlike natural food labels, where manufacturers lack adequate guidelines. Additionally, organic food has more shelf life than natural food, meaning organic food can be stored.

    In organic food items, only bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides are used, no toxic chemicals are added. They are in fact more effective than chemical fertilizers and pesticides in controlling pests and other harmful pathogens. Not only that, these green bio-products help in accelerating crop growth and maintains the soil condition.

    You must be wondering, by this time now, from where you can purchase such excellent bio-products and more importantly from whom? There are many bio effective products in India but only a few are trustworthy. You can get the best agricultural products in India from Nivshakti Bioenergy Pvt Ltd. They produce the best green bio-products which are toxin-free and non-hazardous. Products like Neemakar, Torpedo and many more are effective in controlling pests and increasing crop growth. Contact to know more details.

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  • Feb23

    A Guide to Choose the Best Organic Pesticides Manufacturer in India

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    Are you an organic farmer? Or, are you planning to start organic farming for the very first time? Whatever is your position in the world of organic farming, you are going to grow. Yes, organic farming has become quite popular these days. While the young generation is moving towards organic food products, there is also growth in the numbers of organic pesticides manufacturers in the country. But where will you get one? As till date, there are just a few reputed manufacturers of organic pesticides India, it takes some efforts to find them. One of the best ways you can search is online. But how and which one should you choose to purchase organic pesticides from? Read on…

    How to search?  

    You can look for an organic pesticides manufacturer in India through an online search. Just use relevant keywords on the search engines and you will be shown a list of viable results. These are names and often website details of the organic pesticides manufacturers. Now you can check and find out the best one among those.


    You can also ask fellow farmers for recommendations. If they are using organic products in their fields, they should be able to tell you about the right manufacturers to approach for such types of products. Moreover, you can also ask them for feedback on the types of yields they are getting and the amount of produce they are enjoying from their farms. This would encourage you more to purchase bio products for agriculture.

    Which is the best organic pesticides manufacturer in India?

    There are quite a few reputed organic pesticides manufacturers that are doing good business in the country. But it is often difficult to determine the best ones. That is the reason you must make it a point to do some research before choosing. Here is a list of pointers to check:

    • Check the registration and licensing details of the manufacturer you are choosing
      • Consider the number of different types of organic products the company is producing
      • Find its number of years of being in the business
      • Check and compare the prices of the organic products and pesticides
      • Check reviews and testimonials from previous client and customers

    So, get set go! Look for the best manufacturers of organic products for agriculture and start your organic farming venture at the earliest. Best of luck.

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  • Feb21

    How Can You Get Rid Of Pests Using Bio Products For Agriculture?

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    One of the worst enemies of a farmer is the pest. Pest infestation destroys crops and reduces yield vehemently. Due to pests food security is at a stake. Farmers tend to face financial difficulties owing to low yields and destruction of valuable food crops. If you have faced a similar situation and are looking for a possible solution, pesticides are the answers.  But using chemicals for a long time can cause more harm than good. Prolonged use of chemicals damages the fertility of the soil. Often for dealing with pests like spider mites and mealybugs, farmers tend to use chemical pesticides which impact the health of the crops negatively. Moreover, the chemical run-offs pollute the nearby water sources as well as the groundwater. If misused or over-used, the chemicals can kill crops and also adversely affect human health. To get rid of all these problems use bio products for agriculture.

      How can organic pesticides in produce help?  

    Organic pesticides are made from natural products by the specialized organic pesticides manufacturers. Thus, they do not cause any harm to the environment. Pesticides and fertilizers used in crops often get inside the food chain and harm humans as well as animals. If you are using organic pesticides you do not have to worry about causing ill effects on the health of animal and humans. Thus, it will help to keep a balance in the ecology.


    Organic pesticides do not reduce the fertility of the soil over time. Thus, by using bio products for agriculture, farmers can enjoy healthy yield year after year. This is not just economically healthy for them, but also good for the overall health of the population consuming the yields grown in organic ways.

      Going more organic  

    These days both supermarkets, as well as local grocery stores, are filled with stocks of organically grown food products. The young generation has also become health conscious as they are now choosing to consume organically grown food products. There has been a growth of a few reputed organic pesticides manufacturers too. This, in turn, motivates the farmers to grow crops more organically. And, experts believe that within a few years there will be a significant increase in organic farming and people will get back to old, but healthy and effective ways to grow crops.


    So, before giving pesticides in produce, think twice. You can definitely improve yield and grow healthy crops using organic products. Be responsible and choose to go organic.

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  • Feb19

    Use Bio Products for Agriculture for Fresh and Healthy Crops

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    Are you planning to grow vegetables in your backyard or garden? Use bio effective products to ensure the best quality yield that will be good for health. Moreover, green bio products are good for the soil too as it will not harm the environment. But where will you find reputed organic pesticides manufacturers? With the trend of going organic becoming fad these days, there are a lot of organic pesticides suppliers in the country. But before you choose a suitable manufacturer, you need to know why you should go organic at all. Given below is a list of benefits of choosing organic products for growing crops:

    • One of the most important benefits of choosing natural pesticides manufacturers for bio effective products for the crops is that it will stop soil abuse. Land issues like loss of topsoil, ground water pollution, leaching of harmful chemicals to the nearby water bodies, and death of life forms could be stopped.
    • Organic and naturally grown food is flavorful and tasteful. They also have a high nutrient content. Thus, by consuming food grown with green bio products you should get high vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients in the body. According to an independent research it was found that the naturally grown food items have 27% more Vitamin C and 21% more iron. Thus, you must consume more of these food items.

    Now that you are aware of the benefits of consuming organic food items, you must be eager to start your own organic garden. In fact, growing plants, in an organic garden is considered therapeutic and in the mental health industry the practice is known as horticultural therapy.

    High cost of organic farming is a misconception

    Many farmers have the notion that organic farming is expensive. But if you purchase environmentally friendly products from top organic pesticides manufacturers, you will not spend exorbitantly and also get the best quality products. Furthermore, synthetic chemicals will deplete the soil after a few years, which is not the case with organic pesticides and bio products. Thus, a few years down the line you would not be spending a huge amount of money in replenishing the soil with nutrients. Moreover, you should be getting healthy and fine crops, which in itself is valuable.


    So, you should wait no longer in searching for the best organic pesticides manufacturers. Choose a couple of manufacturers and compare the prices. You should also choose a brand that is reviewed for providing the best quality products.

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  • Jan31

    If You Must Kill the Crop Pests, Contact Organic Pesticides Manufacturers

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    You must be using store-bought pesticides in your garden or farm for getting rid of the pests in your crops. These are not labeled as ‘organic’ and are causing harm to your soil as well as your crops. The yield might look healthy, but in reality, consuming those could leave traces of chemical pesticides in the human body. Moreover, the taste of organically grown foods is much more than those grown with chemical fertilizers. Owing to so many reasons you must look for organic pesticides manufacturers to purchase your supply of bio products for agriculture.

      Benefits of choosing bio effective products      
    • If you use organic pesticides and fertilizers for your crops, you do not have to worry about consuming huge amounts of harmful chemicals through food. Thus, you will ensure the health and well being of your family as well as everyone around you. The soil will also preserve its nutrients and texture for a long period of time.
    • Heavy use of chemical pesticides can lead to the soil as well as water pollution. The chemicals used often get leached to the water body nearby and cause damage to the life forms. Moreover, chemicals also enter the groundwater and cause huge damages to crops as well as human and animal lives.
    • Organically grown fruits and vegetables are tastier and contain more nutrients than those where chemical pesticides are used. Thus, if you prefer taste overlook of the vegetables, you should choose bio products for agriculture.
    • Using chemical pesticides may seem economical in the beginning. But in the long run, there will be depletion of nutrition from the soil. In such a case, you will have to spend a huge amount of money to add nutrients to the soil. Thus, it is better to use organic products in your crops as it will save a huge amount of money you’d otherwise spent in maintaining a home garden or a farm.

    Now, if you are interested in using organic and bio products in your crops, you must look for reputed organic pesticides manufacturers. Buying such products in bulk will save a lot of money. Moreover, you will also be able to get all kinds of pesticides and bio products for your crops. So, go ahead and look for a suitable manufacturer and seller of bio products.

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