Bio Protector contains the fungus “ Beauveria bassiana ” which is an imported biological that are being used in recent time to control many dreaded insect pests , that are difficult to control by chemical pesticides. This white muscardine entomopathogenic fungus can control the pest by infecting the CUTICLE by its conidia.

Active Ingredient : Bia protector is a talc-based product contacting conidia of Beauveria bassiana and supporting biological Agents .

Mode of Action : when Beauveria comes in contact with the insect pests , the spore will germinate and penetrate through the cuticle and proliferate in the haemocoel of the insects body.

In the insect body ,the entomopathogen fungus toxic metabolites called “beauveria”.

Its inhibits, the metabolic enzymes in insect system , leads ultimately to the total paralysis of the infected insect pest.

Targets Pets : tea mosquito bug (Helopeltis thivors) , Mealy Bugs , Grasshopper , White fly ,Aphid , Beetle ,Caterpillar , Thrips etc.