World’s first triple action mite controller (40,000 ppm Karanjin)

Bio Cawach is an Ecofriendly Bio-Controller based on botanical extract of Pongamia pinnata. Bio Cawach has “Karanjin” as an active ingredient and is formulated as 4% Emulsifiable Concentrate (40,000 ppm). Bio Cawach is non toxic to higher organisms like mammals and theref ore a safe product to use.

Target Pests :

1. All varieties of Mites viz. Red Spider Mites, Scarlet Mites, Yellow Mites, Purple Mites etc.

2. Sucking insects like Helopeltis, Thrips, Jassids, Aphids and Whiteflies etc.

3. Armored Scales are very well controlled by Bio Cawach.

Mode of Action: Bio Cawach acts as a strong antifeedant and disturbs the life cycle of the pest. It kills by affecting the central nervous system of the pest.

Recommended Application: All kinds of Agricultural, Horticultural, Plantation and Other crops.

Compatibility: Bio Cawach is compatible with all conventional pesticides.


1. Long lasting effect on pest

2. Quick Knock Down effect on mites

3. No residue in the end product

4. No Phytotoxicity and non-toxic against beneficial insects

5. Eco-friendly, Effective and Economical

Dosage: 0.75 ml / l or 300 ml/ha

Packing Available: 100ml 250 ml, 1 ltr; 5 ltr.